Sonic Precision Industries is well regarded by all its clients for our quality precision work. Our clients are key players in the fields of aerospace, aviation, consumer electronics & electrical, hard disk drives, marine, medical, optical and other manufacturing industries.

We do customization as well as mass production for stainless steel materials (303, 304, 416, 420F, 430F, 440C) turn parts of various sizes.

And we also work on customization and mass production for other quality materials such as DF2 – silver steel, Alloy Steel, 17-4PH, Aluminium 2024, 6061, 7075, Brass C3602, C3604, S45C, SUS316, Copper, Delrin, Nylon, Telfron, PU, Peek, and etc.

Quality Policy

  • To ensure quality, reliability and consistency at every stage of production through our systems and processes to achieve superior customer satisfaction.

  • To provide a quality environment which is safe, clean and healthy, to work in.

  • To contribute to quality work improvement and progress of the company through continuous training and fostering positive work attitudes.

  • To focus with dedication and diligence upon our customers and meet their perceptions of our services to them.

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