Sonic Precision Industries provides high precision machining services for turn and mill parts. We support industries such as mass consumer electronics and electrical, automobile, aviation, aerospace, medical, marine, oil and gas, hard disk drives and a number of other manufacturing sectors to mass produce components for their devices and equipment.

Furthermore, as part of our drive towards service excellence, we also provide customization services for companies with special requirements as well as those that require small quantities.

We are totally ready for your orders, whether large or small, as we would take each one of them with the same high service standards of excellence.

CNC Machines & Autolathes:

Machining a full array of materials including stainless steel alloy, aluminum alloy, high tensile strength alloy and brass

Our Inspection Equipment:

  • Digital Vernier Caliper
  • Digital Micrometer
  • Profile Projector
  • Digital Height Gauge
  • Roundness Tester
  • Thread Pitch Micrometer
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • 10X/30X Microscope
  • Opus Video Measuring Machine (CNC Model)

Our Associate facilities : for all your solutions for machining control

Machining Inventory

  • 13 units of CNC Autolathes Machine
  • 8 units of ESCOMATIC Machines
  • 1 unit of Centerless Grinding Machine
  • 1 unit of Superdrill Machine